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RIAForge Downloader Issue: remote server install brings up error

Name: remote server install brings up error
ID: 4
Project: RIAForge Downloader
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Low
Status: Closed
Related URL:
Creator: Dan Fredericks
Created: 10/27/09 11:55 AM
Updated: 11/23/09 3:37 PM
Description: When I click on a folder and then the RIA downloader link (download from riaforge), it brings up a coldfusion error:

File not found: /riaExtensions/RIAForge/Download/handleers/selectcategory.cfm

what might cause this to happen, the fact I am doing this on a remote server? I picked my root path from the remote server, and also that is where I installed the code, should I install the code locally, or on the server I am using?

History: Created by fmdano (Dan Fredericks) : 10/27/09 11:55 AM

Comment by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 11/23/09 3:37 PM
I don't believe (stress believe) that CFB can support remote servers for extensions like that. Or at least not my extension. It needs to be able to write files to the file system.

Updated by cfjedimaster (Raymond Camden) : 11/23/09 3:37 PM

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